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Marta's Story

An awareness of my arthritic joint pain and my deep desire to feel and look better was always on my mind.  So, when I saw an ad in the newspaper about Metabolic Research Center, I knew somehow that weight loss would help. I must admit that I feared missing my sweets, but to feel better, I knew it would be worth it. So I signed up!  I was really surprised to see that I was eating so much less food, but still felt so full and so satisfied!  That's what made it so easy to stick with!  Another great thing about Metabolic is their supplements.  I used them the entire time I was on Program and not once did I get sick, not even so much as a common cold!  Well, now that I’m down 35 pounds and 50.25 inches, l no longer need pain medication, my husband is very happy with my success, hiking and gardening have gotten so much easier, and I love this feeling of accomplishment!   

The hardest part for me was making the decision to get started...I’m so glad I did!



[Here she is looking simply stunning in all of her new favorite outifts!]

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Almost 13 lbs down and just about 4 inches off my belly in a little more than a month. I'm fitting into clothes I haven't worn in years.


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