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Amanda's Story

It was always on my mind... “I want to be healthy again”, “I want to look good again”, and “I want to feel good about having my picture taken again.” Then I thought, ”Something has to change.”  I had tried some dieting on my own, but I felt super restricted which made it even harder to stick with.  But, after seeing the success my friend, Leah, was having at Metabolic, I was filled with hope and decided to give it a try.  I couldn’t believe all the food choices my menu offered; I didn’t feel restricted at all! I learned how to pair foods and how those food combinations would meet my nutritional needs so I wouldn’t feel so carb dependant.  The pride I felt for setting and attaining my goal was the absolute best part of my program! I made sure that I journaled every day...it really helped! My focus was to make sure I stayed positive by keeping my attitude in check.  I was on program for 28 weeks and in that time I lost 27 pounds, 29.75 inches, my cholesterol went down, my energy went up, and now I feel great about the way I look! Want to take my picture? Priceless!

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This place is great! They offer the support you need to reach those weight loss goals I have lost 20 lbs and only on week 8 ... It really works for a long term lifestyle change and not just temporary !


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