Barry's Story

Barry Lewis is a real client at Metabolic Research Center who has an amazing success story that we just had to share! When asked about his experience with MRC, here’s what he had to say:

Q: How much weight did you lose in total and how long did it take you to do it?
A: I lost 101 pounds and 60 inches in just eight months! That’s right, I did it in less than a year!

Q: What’s your secret to losing so much weight in such little time?
A: The pounds came off by following MRC’s simple program. I had no hunger while I was following the menus. Also, the wonderful center staff provided me with lots of support and guidance throughout my program.

Q: What do friends and family have to say about your weight loss?
A: They are constantly telling me, “Wow! You look great! You’re such an inspiration!??? And I love it. I’m never hesitant to tell them that MRC is how I did it, and they can, too!

Q: For you, what’s the best part about losing the weight?
A: Anyone who’s been overweight, especially by as much as I was, understands that there’s a feeling of hopelessness, fatigue, and sometimes a very real depression that can overcome you. When I lost the weight, those negative feelings were replaced with energy, freedom, and happiness! I never want to go back to the old me. So that’s why even a year later, I’ve still kept my weight off! I couldn’t have done it without MRC! Thank you!
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Already seeing good results 2 weeks in. My MRC counselor is excellent and wonderful at explaining the menu and requirements


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