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Fall Spiced Tea

Fall Spiced Tea

Gingerbread Tea with hints of Lemon and Orange. Our Fall Spiced Tea is the perfect warm drink for the cooler weather months. This drink combo is versatile, feel free to switch out the Gingerbread Tea with any fall flavored tea you have in your pantry.

We use two protein drinks to make this crockpot full of tea, but you could easily reduce the portions to a single serve size by using half the package of each protein drink.

Single Serve Direction:

1/2 packet MRC protein drink: Lemon, Orange

1-2 bags Gingerbread Spice Tea

Pinch Pumpkin Pie Spice

12-20 ounces hot water


Prepare tea in 12-20 ounces of hot water. Add in protein drinks and whisk until well blended. Enjoy hot.


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