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Candied Apple Tea

Recipe Image: Candied Apple TeaThe flavors of fall in a warm mug! Our Candied Apple Tea tastes like a treat and is packed with 15 grams of hunger-fighting protein. Fill a travel mug with Candied Apple Tea before you leave to take the kiddos trick or treating, it's like candy kryptonite! Perfect for tailgating, football parties, or to sip by a warm fire (ok, that sounds a bit too much like a sappy movie!).

You can make a pot full or just prepare a single mug. The ratio is up to you.

  • 1 bag of Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea (use 2 if you want it stronger)
  • 1 packet MRC Kiwi Melon Supplement
  • Dash Cinnamon

Prepare hot tea. Add protein drink (just squeeze the concentrate straight into the tea), add a dash of cinnamon.  


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