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We offer a variety of menus and programs at Metabolic Research Center. Each program is carefully selected for YOU and chosen based on a variety of factors including; your food likes and dislikes, your daily schedule, your medical history, and your weight loss goals. This blog is devoted to our clients following the Meat Lovers Delight menu. This menu harnesses the power of protein and healthy fats to deliver weight loss.

MLD Menu IconBelow is a list of recipes that we’ve adjusted to complement your Meat Lovers Delight menu. When you see a recipe with this icon, you’ll know that this is a recipe that can be used on the Meat Lovers menu. Because this menu relies heavily on proteins and healthy fats you'll find we often increase the protein portion or add a fat serving, things like nuts, avocado or olive oil.

Note about carbohyrdates: Most of the recipes we share for Meat Lovers Delight be specifically for Day 1 - 15. After day 15 on your menu feel free to add a carbohydrate serving to the recipe.


Lunch and Dinner Recipes. Click the image to see the recipe:

Lemon Dijon Chicken
Our Lemon Dijon Chicken is perfect, just add vegetables and it’s menu perfect.
Chicken Bites with Bacon
Our Buffalo Chicken bites are tiny bites of goodness. Packed with cheese and bacon, what could go wrong!
Healthy Tuna Salad
With just a few variations our Crunchy Tuna Dijon Salad is perfect for your MLD menu. Check out the bottom of the recipe for the subs to the recipe.
Zucchini Shrimp Scampi
Shrimp scampi, yes please! With this easy recipe all we do is use more cheese to make it perfect for Meat Lovers Delight—yay!
Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms
Parmesan stuffed mushrooms. Increase the melty cheese to 3 ounces and enjoy!
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