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Watermelon Grill Centerpiece

Looking for a fun centerpiece for your  summer BBQ?  You'll love this health fruit salad "grill" made from a watermelon. It's easy, simple and so fresh! Shhh...your friend will think you worked all day on this masterpiece;)

Ingredients and supplies: 1 small round watermelon 3 celery stalks (soak in cold water in the refrigerator overnight to stiffen) Blackberries (for the "charcoal") Assorted fruits for kabobs Wooden skewers Toothpicks


Create the "Grill"

1) Cut holes in watermelon for grill legs (this will be where you stick the celery stalks. Stalks will act as the legs of the grill). Make three holes, slightly smaller than the size of your celery stalk, in the bottom of the watermelon.

2) Slice the watermelon (almost in half), the bottom piece should be slightly larger than the top piece (the bottom half is the grill and the top is the grill cover).

Using a melon baller, hollow out both watermelon bowls. Save the melon balls for the fruit skewers.

Create the grill grate

Soak wooden skewers in water for 1 hour before using to avoid splintering. Insert wooden skewers into the top edge of the larger watermelon bowl, pushing them through the other side until they're flush with the rind.

Add charcoal

Remove one of the skewers and place blackberries in the bottom of the watermelon for the "charcoal." Replace the skewer when done.

Trim the wooden skewer ends with wire cutters or a pair of kitchen shears until they're flush with the rind (see image below).

Insert celery for grill legs

Insert three celery stalks into the holes on the bottom of the watermelon. You may need to widen the holes slightly, but you want them to be tight. For added stability, you can also insert wooden skewers for the "grill legs" and hide them with the celery stalks. 

Fruit kabobs

Make fruit kabobs with small chucks of cantaloupe, strawberries, kiwis, blueberries, grapes, pineapple and watermelon balls. Put kabobs on the grill and place the fruit kabobs on and around the watermelon grill.

Grill lid

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