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MRC Children’s Center in Cambodia

At Metabolic Research Center, we are passionate about not only helping Americans live healthier lives, but also helping children in poverty-stricken areas of the world receive an opportunity to better themselves. For several years, we have been the sole supporter of the Metabolic Children’s Center in Cambodia. MCC is an orphanage that provides education, medical care and housing for Cambodian children that have been abandoned or orphaned. We currently support over 100 children and have established 18 schools (and counting) in some of the poorest regions of the country.

Our relationship with Cambodia began in the late 1990s when our outreach director, Terry Kellogg, came over for a short visit to pick his newly adopted two year old daughter. Terry was struck by the desperate poverty he witnessed in this war-torn country and how that contrasted with the joy he felt in meeting his new daughter. He returned to Cambodia in 2003 on an unsuccessful search for his daughter’s birth parents. During this trip, Terry developed a close friendship with his driver Mr. Pole, a Cambodian land owner who was caring for and educating a group of 28 orphaned children on his property. With his funding sources drying up, Mr. Pole needed additional support to keep his project going. A short time later, John and Nina Soileau, the founders of Metabolic Research Center, became involved with the project. This led to the establishment of the Metabolic Children’s Center in 2007. For a more detailed account of Terry Kellogg’s journey, go here.

We have a heart for the children of Cambodia. We know that we at MRC have been blessed beyond measure with access to first rate education, medical care, and the opportunity to build a research center that is changing the lives of thousands all over our country. However, we have seen first-hand the horrible circumstances so many children are subjected to in Cambodia. Though the war is over, the after-effects still remain. Far too many children are dealing with poverty, family violence, lack of education, malnutrition, and worst of all being abandoned. Our mission is to change Cambodia for the better, one child at a time, and give these kids access to the same opportunities we take for granted here in America.



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