You Are What You Think!

Woman with Negative Thoughts

All of your conscious thoughts are recorded by your subconscious. Unfortunately, your subconscious mind takes your word for it and doesn't question the validity of your thoughts. According to professional life coach, Nanice Ellis, negative thinking is simply thinking about what you do not want, while positive thinking is thinking about what you do want. That makes sense and it's no surprise that your negative thoughts are fear-based and depression is your body's natural defense against your own fears. If not, you would be constantly bombarded with fight-or-flight decisions.

Negative thoughts can, in turn, hinder just about every aspect of your existence. It creates a false reality that you cannot achieve something you desire, like losing weight and keeping it off. Negative thinking can spawn from the peer pressure you feel, from learned behaviors or be the result of chemical imbalances. The damage that is often linked to these maladaptive episodes can lead to negative imaging that can leave you feeling sad, frustrated, angry, jealous or hopeless. Listed below are prime examples of how maladaptive thoughts can lead you to draw false conclusions:

"It's Too Late for Me to Change My Eating Habits"

Fact is, it is never too late for anyone to start a weight loss program. If you believe, you can achieve it. By making small changes that you can realistically live with the rest of your life, you can lose weight at any age.

"I'm Too Heavy for Weight Loss to Make a Difference"

There's no such thing. Regardless of how much you weigh, the Metabolic Research Center can personalize a program that will allow you to reach your full potential and celebrate the weight loss success you've thought was impossible.

"Everyone Already Knows I'm Going to Fail"

A benefit of the weight loss programs offered at the Metabolic Research Center is one-on-one coaching. Your weight loss consultants will act as a mentor, a counselor and a friend to help with issues like negative thinking.

If you're tired of the results you've been getting, contact the Metabolic Research Center for help. Our program may be just what you need to redirect your mind to a positive direction.


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