Should Winter Squash Be Added to Your Menu Plan?

Assortment of Winter Squash

Winter squash is a definite must for your diet, especially if you want to lose weight and eat well in the process. Although it is primarily available through late fall, winter squash is easily stored and will last longer in storage than many other types of squash or vegetables. Butternut squash is light in color and has distinctive taste that allows it to be eaten alone or included in an ingredient in a variety of dishes.


Because of its size and shape, butternut squash is easy to prepare and cook. It can be cut in half and cooked as is, with the seeds being removed just before serving, or the neck can be removed and the main portion halved. Remove the seeds and prepare them like you would pumpkin seeds and you will have a nutritious snack that is ideal for your kids' lunches or as a quick snack when you are on the go. It can be prepared like sweet potatoes and seasoned in a variety of ways. It also makes an excellent addition to casseroles and thickened soups. 


Winter squash has a unique flavor that can be seasoned in many different ways. A little brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla will give provide a taste and texture similar to that of sweet potatoes, while cutting it up into cubes and seasoning it with salt, pepper, garlic and basil will make it a welcome addition to a thick soup served on cold winter nights.

Winter Squash is Full of Nutrients

Winter squash is abundant in potassium and other vitamins and minerals. Adding it to your diet will provide a modest amount of nutrients that you may not get from eating other vegetables. Taste and nutrition is a winning combination when it comes to squash. It takes minimal preparation and the benefits are long lasting as well as being a joy to eat.


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