Is Your Waistline Spreading? You're Not Alone!

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For many people, gaining weight is a way of life.  You might not even realize that it’s happening until the day you can’t zip up your favorite pair of jeans anymore.  If your waistline is spreading, you’re not alone in this struggle.  According to National Institute of Health, an estimated 34 percent of adults in the United States are overweight and another 35 percent of American adults are considered to be obese.  Due to the heartbreaking consequences of being overweight, America might be headed towards a serious health crises in the future.

Several factors can affect your weight.  A common health issue that causes weight gain is thyroid disease.  When people’s bodies don’t produce enough thyroid hormone, their metabolisms are slowed.  The result is weight gain.  Fortunately most people with this disorder, testing is simple and imbalances can be treated successfully with medication.  Sometimes, injuries or the effects of aging contribute to weight gain.  For example, a broken leg or degenerative arthritis can put an instant halt to someone's active lifestyles.  Since they are unable to burn the amount of calories they used to burn, weight gain will occur unless there is a reduction in the number of calories consumed or a new exercise regimen is started.  While health issues play a role in some people’s weight gain, many others pack on the pounds due to poor diets (which can cause hormone imbalances) and sedentary lifestyles.

The good news is that the leading culprits of weight gain, poor diet and inactivity, can be easily changed.  If you’re tired of carrying around some extra weight, be proactive about what you put into your mouth and how active you are each day.  By swapping processed foods with nutritious fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean sources of protein, and low-fat dairy products, you will quickly start to shed the pounds.  You can intensify your weight loss efforts by beginning a light to moderate exercise routine (walking or swimming).  Before you know it, you will both look and feel better.  However, until Americans take notice of the change in body shape over the past 100 years, you probably won’t look like most everyone else anymore.



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