Is Dieting Doomed To Failure?

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To most people, the word "diet" is truly a four-letter word. Just the thought of dieting brings about anxiety and feelings of frustration. People who tend to diet often put so much pressure on themselves to succeed, that they sabotage themselves before they have lost the first five pounds. While there are many diets out there that have helped people to reach their weight loss goals, there are hundreds of others that have been rather costly in terms of both money and overall health.

The key to a real diet plan is more than just counting calories. It involves eating the right type of foods and making healthy choices when it comes to a person's lifestyle. This includes incorporating high fiber foods and more protein rich foods in the diet, while eliminating fried foods that are full of fat and oil. When it comes to "dieting", counting calories is only part of the equation.

How you prepare your food is equally important. Baking and grilling meats and vegetables are much better than frying. Foods will retain more of their natural texture and nutrients when they are properly prepared. Steaming vegetables is an ideal way to make sure the majority of nutrients remain in the food.

Processed foods are also notorious for disrupting the body's chemical balances. Natural foods that are consumed in the freshest state possible, help to regulate the body's blood glucose levels and help the body maintain a steady metabolic rate. By allowing the body to function more efficiently, the right foods will also help to control a person's weight, preventing an excessive amount of calories from being stored as fat.


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