Eggs Let You Skip the

Dozen Fresh Eggs on Counter

If you are like most people, mornings are a very busy time. Whether you are faced with a long drive time or scrambling to get the kids to school, there's never enough time in mornings. This can tempt you into skipping the meal all together with false rationalizations like "this way I will intake fewer calories today". That's when it's time to rethink your strategy.

Although a calorie saved is a calorie saved, study after study show that eating breakfast is a healthy way to jumpstart your day, especially if you eat the right foods. A good breakfast can energize your metabolism and add a little pep to your step. Plus, eating the right things at breakfast time can help to prevent mid-morning hunger pangs which often ruin the notion of a calorie saved. Researchers believe that people who plan for breakfast often do a better job of planning their food consumption for the remainder of the day.

So, what about having a couple of quick toaster pastries with your cup of coffee? In short, that's a no-no. You would be setting yourself up for a potential sugar crash that can send anyone running to the break room's vending machines. Instead, consider eggs. Whole eggs pack more essential vitamins and minerals per-calorie than almost any portable food. In addition to keeping you feeling full, eggs are a top source for choline. Choline helps your body break down fat and convert it to energy.

A recent study of same calories consumed showed that egg-eaters consistently consumed 264 fewer calories throughout the day when compared to those who started their day with a bagel. And, eggs are just as portable of a breakfast food as anything that comes out of your toaster. You can always boil a couple eggs the night before or simple cook them in the microwave at work with a few drops of light olive oil. Season to taste and you shouldn't be worried by hunger pangs for the rest of the morning.


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