Avoid the Weight Gain Cycle of a Bad Diet

Chalk Board with Components of a Good Diet

A simple Internet search for the word "diet" reveals a wide variety of options. Low-fat, low-carb, and heart-healthy are just a few doctor recommended menu plans, not to mention the fad diets like all-soup or all-fruit diets. Every time the average American cycles "on and off" of a diet, he or she gains approximately 11 pounds.

How Do You Avoid the Weight Gain Cycle?

The easiest way to avoid the weight gain cycle is to follow a good menu plan. For most of us, this is much harder than it seems because we engage in diets that are set up to create failure. Rather than a diet, we need to look at weight loss as lifestyle change:

  • Make small, incremental changes in your diet that you can sustain. Substitute whole foods for previously packaged foods. Increase the number of fruits and vegetables you eat while decreasing high-carb starchy side dishes.
  • Look for balance in your diet. Being on a diet doesn't mean that you can never go out to eat again or that birthday cake is forever banned, but understand that these are rare treats, not every day indulgences, and treat them as such.
  • Engage in activities that bring you joy as well as activity. Join an early morning jogging group or a Pilates class where you can nurture your sense of relationship as well as your body's need to be active.

Most diet plans actually work against weight loss by increasing hunger and slowing metabolism. By making lifestyle adjustments such as these, you can work with your body's natural harmony and achieve long-term weight loss success.


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