The Power of Forward Thinking

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At the beginning of this year, you pledged to start eating healthier and exercising regularly. While you had the best of intentions when you made this important promise to yourself, you ended up breaking it before the first day of February. Even worse, this isn’t the first time you’ve broken this pledge to yourself. In fact, you can’t remember the number of times you’ve failed at dieting over the years.

If you've lost track of failed attempts, you might have decided to put your weight loss goals off until next year. Or, you may have determined to give up attempting to get fit for good. If you’re starting to believe you’ll be overweight forever, you likely need to encompass the power of forward thinking. Decide to not allow the poor food choices you made yesterday, or the past several years, to affect what you eat today, tomorrow, or five years from now.

To help you achieve weight loss success with forward thinking, sit down and create some goals for your future. Develop both short-term and long-term goals. For example, you might decide dropping a pants size is a good short-term goal to aim for. And, you might write down losing 50 pounds as your ultimate, long-term objective. When you wake up each morning, ask yourself how you can best work towards achieving your goals that day. Once you attain a goal, celebrate with a healthy reward. For instance, instead of rewarding yourself for dropping 10 pounds with a sweet treat, consider: 

  • Buying yourself a new shirt
  • Indulging in a hot bath
  • Getting a relaxing massage
  • Investing in some new workout gear

 Whenever you make a dieting mistake, everyone does once in a while, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, determine to think about what you can do in the future to avoid committing the same error again. By continually concentrating on your future, and avoiding dwelling on past mistakes, you will improve your odds of losing the weight and keeping it off for good. For more direction on how forward thinking can help you achieve your weight loss dreams, consider scheduling an appointment with the professional staff at a Metabolic Research Center near you.


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MRC of Vancouver started me going in my attempt to loose 30 years of weight gain!! I have been using their program for about 18 months and have actually lost 30 pounds. I have changed the way I eat. I've learned what foods are best for ME. By analyzing my DNA and hormones, they helped me learn to eat what was right for me. I have "tweeked" my purchases and preparation of food to make eating healthy and still fun for me. I eat lots of veggies and salads and include a healthy diet of protein. These are very satisfying. Do I "cheat" now and then? Yes, but I don't like how I feel after eating sugar and lots of carbs so I return to my good foods quickly and continue to see my weight drop. I walk my little dog four times a day and have a part-time job that allows me a lot of movement. I feel so healthy and wonderful. It's easy to continue to eat and live a more healthy lifestyle! When I confessed about eating the wrong "foods", the gals simply encouraged me and gave me fresh ideas to satisfy my taste buds. I always felt I could be honest during my consultations with no fear of being lectured! I plan to continue until I reach my desired weight. I expect to reach my goal by 2017. After I reach my weight goal, I plan to remain in good health with my new found healthy way of eating the calories I need to maintain my proper weight. My Dr. is very pleased at my progress. She wondered how I have lost 30 pounds.

— Diane P. Heesch Nims-Smith

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