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Weight loss is more complex than just limiting calorie intake, or exercise. Of course these two things are important. You want to consume a healthy level of quality calories. You want to exercise and stay active. But for so many people, even their best diet and exercise efforts don't seem to help them lose the weight. What are they doing wrong?

Stress Plays A Bigger Role Than People Think

There are many types of stress. Stress in itself isn't a bad thing. It is a response to a temporary situation. It can be beneficial as it gets us moving, responding and taking action. However, it is meant to be a temporary response. Unfortunately, people today are under stress that isn't temporary, it's a way of life. This creates very real physiological and psychological problems that can affect health and hinder weight loss.

There are so many sources of stress. Jobs, money, constant business, relationships. Crazy schedules have many people constantly moving through life in a state of crisis. This causes your body to pump out chemicals that can literally cause you to hold on to weight, and even gain more weight. How does that work?

The hormones that are involved in stress include epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol. These hormones slow down your digestive system, decreasing efficiency and causing stomach problems as well as inhibiting weight loss. Your body thinks that it is in a potentially dangerous situation. This causes your body to run differently. The longer you are in a stressful situation, the less likely you are to lose the weight. Your body simply won't allow it. Weight caused by stress tends to be stored in the abdomen and buttocks. This stubborn fat doesn't seem to respond to diet and exercise. 

The Stress Solution

So tending to your stress is one way to approach the problem. Exercise itself can help alleviate stress. Get enough sleep. Eat healthy foods and don't starve yourself. Try to get some balance in your life. Also, stay away from simple sugars and carbs, they will only make the problem worse.

Metabolic Research Center has helped people just like you lose weight and get healthy for 25 years. They can help you determine what's standing in the way of your weight loss and develop a personalized plan that will help you reach your goals.


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