How to Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes Stick

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Stress is one of the things that is a common problem for people in general, but has specific problems for those who are overweight.  Depending on the stressor and the lifestyle, it can be cause for eating and not eating alike and both are a detriment of the individual, depending on the circumstances.  Health and good metabolism are based on low stress conditions, combining the feel-good endorphins of exercise, the blood circulation boost, and a relaxed resting state to ensure good digestion.  Thus, working on your lifestyle changes will involve reducing stress levels, as well as healthy eating and increased activity. 

So as part of the self-examination of habits and motivators, individuals that are working toward a healthier lifestyle must determine what causes them to stress out.  Then, they have to carefully examine how situation stress affects their eating habits. 

It isn't a real world expectation that life will be stress free, but it is important that one examines how it works in order to know how to reduce its impact.  Would waking up a few minutes earlier for work give you time for a healthy breakfast instead of going through a drive-thru and stressing out in traffic?  Would moving your scheduled workout to a different time keep a time crunch in check?  Would regimenting meals and snacks during a workday, and taking the time in the evening to prepare healthy meals and snacks, prevent you from missing lunch or making a late-afternoon trip to the vending machine?

Planning ahead to have the right foods ready may seem like a time sucker, but in truth, as it becomes habitual, it will save time, money, and your good health.  Plus, home-cooked meals contain exactly what you put into them. They are easier to fit into the budget and often can be prepared in the time it takes to get to the restaurant, park and wait to be seated.  


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