Diet and Exercise: Individual Regimes

Senior Man Doing YogaWhen working your way down the healthier-lifestyle trail, one can get sick of hearing the diet-and-exercise tirade. Yeah, everyone knows that it is the way things are, but hearing that a healthy diet and exercise is important to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight doesn't help most people understand what they need to do.

There are so many gimmicks out there.. so many fad diets. Where does one start?

Anyone who is starting a weight-loss or good-health campaign to build for themselves a healthier life, should absolutely begin by understanding that like most things, this is a  process — something they will have to discover for themselves. Everyone's lifestyle and metabolism are different (although there are often similarities) but making decisions that will impact day-to-day living requires a careful examination of one's lifestyle right now.

Your diet will naturally conform to your emotional and physical traits, how busy you are, if there is a gluten sensitivity, peanut allergy, or a strong dislike of particular foods. Similarly, exercise will naturally conform to how you are built, if you have the joint or core strength for each type of exercise regimen, physical comfort or challenges of the movements, or how much the type of exercise actually appeals to you. For example, a heavy man with knee problems is going to obviously have trouble doing floor work.

Personal trainers and fitness programs can really help to tailor exercise regimes for people who are heavier, have more joint problems, or have other medical concerns. Stretching and warming up are as important, if not more important, for heavier individuals as they are for the people who are not. Stretching regimes and warm ups are available for people of all shapes and sizes in both workout videos and online videos. So, look around and explore your workout and diet options, and learn your body so you can choose an exercise regime that is kind to yourself, and sustainable in the long term.


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My relationship with Metabolic Research center began Feb 2010 when I weighed 182 lbs and had high blood pressure. I lost a total of 69 lbs and 72 inches. It has been 6 years and I continue to maintain my weight. I owe my continued success to MRC and all the great classes, especially yoga and the continued support that I receive from the staff. I have learned that food is nothing but fuel for the body and just as with your car you need to give it the right fuel in order for it to run proper. Follow the program and it is possible to loose the weight and maintain it. Nothing tastes as great as healthy feels!


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