How to Add Tofu to Any Dish

Tofu on the Grill with Fresh Vegetables

Whether you’re actively working to lose weight or you’re trying to maintain your weight, eating right is important, and tofu is a great addition to a healthy diet. It’s a great protein source that’s lower in fat than meat is, and it’s primarily made from soybeans. Tofu gets a bad rap, and many people don’t even try it. The problem is that most people who try it don’t know the proper way to prepare it. With a few preparation tips, you can make sure your tofu tastes great in any dish.

Tip #1 – Go with Quality, Fresh Tofu

Make sure you go with quality, fresh tofu. Check the “best by” date before you purchase to make sure it’s fresh. Fresh tofu will give you the best flavor when you add it to your favorite dishes.

Tip #2 – Choose the Right Tofu for the Dish

You also need to choose the right tofu for the dish you plan to make. If you’re using it as a meat substitute in pasta, stew or sandwiches, then go with extra firm tofu. When you want something to use in place of spreads or dips, go with silken tofu, since it has a similar consistency to heavy cream. Firm tofu is also available, and it’s perfect for cubing for salads or crumbling into dishes that normally call for ground beef.

Tip #3 – Take Time to Press the Tofu

It’s important to remove all the moisture from tofu before using it, especially if you plan to pan fry the tofu. Use paper towels and heavy plates to press the tofu. The pressure and paper towels help remove moisture, giving you a better texture from the tofu.

Tip #4 – Add Some Flavor to the Tofu

Since tofu doesn’t really have a lot of flavor, you’ll need to add your own flavors to it. Marinades are a perfect option for tofu, since tofu will easily take on the flavor of your marinade. You can also add your favorite herbs and spices to enhance the flavor, or top with a sauce. 

Tofu can taste wonderful when you know how to fix it. Use these tips and you’ll enjoy the benefits of tofu while enjoy great tasting food. Check out our delicious tofu recipes at the Metabolic Research Center website for even more great ideas.


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