Curbing that Late-Night Craving

Woman Eating Late Night Yogurt

While many people may seem satisfied by a good dinner until bedtime, this just isn’t the case for many of us. That late night snack is a sneaky culprit that catches many of us off guard and sends us hunting the cupboards to satisfy our cravings. But, there are several great ways to go on the defensive and prepare for those binging temptations that come when our self-control is weakened by fatigue. Here’s a few ways to be ready for those late-night cravings so they won't get the better of you.


If you know that you’re prone to get hungry again right before bed, buy some healthy snacks during your next shopping trip instead of that sugary cereal or carton of ice cream. Have the snacks prepared and ready to go so your fatigue won't cause you to grab something that’s “easier” to prepare or pop open. Have some fruit and veggies already cut up, or a bag of popcorn by the microwave and ready to go.


Snacks that are loaded with added sugar are not the answer. Snacking on fruit, some lightly and naturally sweetened yogurt, or some sprouted wheat toast with honey can curb your craving without undoing all the work you’ve put into your daily diet. High-fructose corn syrup on the other hand will only train your body to keep craving sweets, and tell your brain that you are still hungry even after you’ve had that snack. Instead of being satisfied, you’ll probably go back for more. Eating something before bed isn’t as bad as many claim, as long as you’re sticking to healthy and natural foods.

If you’re ready before the cravings hit and you have healthy food on hand, you’ll go to bed satisfied and also wake up motivated for another day of healthy victorious choices. For great snack recipes that won't bust your menu plan, visit the Metabolic Research Center. We still have those cravings too.


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