Can Genetic Modification to Crops Effect Weight Gain?

Weight Gain GMO Foods

Everything we consume as a food affects our body in various ways. Nutritious foods help the body to function more efficiently, while foods filled with additives and preservatives tend to cause the body to become sluggish and function poorly. Genetically modified foods are a good example of how a good concept has proven to be disastrous when it comes to maintaining good health.

Genetically modified foods are structurally identical to their natural counterparts, but they do not break down the same nor are they easy for the body to utilize once they enter the body. While GMO foods contain ample amounts of calories, they tend to have up to one quarter of the nutrients that natural foods do. This imbalance of nutrients and calories can lead to an excessive amount of weight gain.

Individuals who consume GMO foods or foods derived from products obtained from GMO-fed livestock normally eat more because the body is not getting the nutrition it needs. In some cases, a person may have to eat as much a one and a half times the normal amount of a GMO food to receive the nutrients they need to function. While the calories and serving size remains the same, the body needs much more than a normal serving size to actually meet its physical demands.

The structure of GMO foods is recognized by the body, but when it begins to be broken down and sent through the digestive system, things begin to change. The food has much less nutritional value (or nutrients to utilize) and can put stress on the liver and digestive tract as it tries to break down the food into usable components.



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