How to Get Rid of Saggy Skin After Losing Weight

Woman's Arm with Saggy Skin

If you've lost massive amounts of weight, loose and sagging skin is sometimes inevitable. The length of time a person was overweight and how long the skin was stretched to capacity will determine how resilient it actually is. For some people, the skin may bounce back sooner than for some than it does for others. The following tips may offer some help in determining whether or not the skin damage can b corrected.

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water keeps the skin pliable and elastic. The more elastic it is the easier it will be to return its normal shape and size as the pounds begin to come off. Water also flushes away dead cells and debris that hamper the loss of fluid or fat as a person continues to lose weight.

Condition Your Skin

Massage therapy can help break up fat cells and will allow them to be easily flushed from the body. Although it will not completely fix the problem, it will help the skin to regain a portion of the elasticity it may have lost. The more a person receives massage, the quicker results will begin to show.

Dress Yourself Well

Buy clothes that fit your new body. You may have to account for some extra skin at first, but as the body begins to adjust, you will be able to lower your actual size even more. Take pride in your new look and show yourself off in a new wardrobe.

Boost Your Self Image

Boost your self image by surrounding yourself with people who appreciate all of the hard work you have done to lose the weight. The loose skin and stretch marks can be trophies of sorts, representing the obstacles you have overcome during the process.



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