10 Tried and True Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Golden Rules

Weight loss fads are just that - fads that come and go on the market's whim. But there are a few tried-and-true principles that will always prove effective in helping you shed those extra pounds and keep them off:

  1. Stay on the move throughout the day.
  2. Only eat when you're hungry.
  3. Schedule exercise into your daily routine.
  4. Drink water often.
  5. Get organized in the kitchen.
  6. Eat less.
  7. Get plenty of sleep.
  8. Snack smart.
  9. Focus on your motivation for losing weight.
  10. Embrace lifestyle changes that will keep the weight off.

Print and keep this infographic nearby for inspiration, and post it to your social media sites to encourage others on their own weight loss journeys. If you need a little extra assistance in achieving your weight loss goals, call 800-501-8090 and schedule a free consultation at your nearest Metabolic Research Center location. We'll help you develop a customized nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan that works. 


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