What Caused the Increase in Obesity, Fatigue and Chronic Disease?

Rows of Product Packaging for Processed Foods

The Industrial Revolution in America signaled a turning point in history that impacted almost every aspect of daily life. Until the late 19th Century, hunger and malnutrition were the norm and increases in the food supply most often led to increases in population thus nullifying advances in agriculture. However, new manufacturing techniques, large-scale production of chemicals and evolving technologies began to pave the way for improvements in the average person's living conditions. For the first time, the overall standard of living for the general population began to rise.

The Rise of Convenience Foods

Prior to the industrial era, food manufacturing was limited and preservation techniques included drying, salting, curdling, pickling, curing and smoking. Early examples of processed foods were smoked meats and aged cheese wheels. As industrialization became the norm, food manufacturers transformed the production of animal and vegetable products for final consumption. Sadly, many Americans today have become overly dependent on convenience foods that make up an unhealthy proportion of our diet. Consumption of added sugar, sodium and unhealthy fats has skyrocketed. Conversely, obesity in our country is approaching epidemic numbers and one in three Americans is considered to be prediabetic.

Processed Foods Dominate Caloric Consumption

According to the USDA, 63% of the calories Americans consume today come from processed foods with only 12% of daily intake derived from vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Chronic diseases like cancer, heart conditions and diabetes as well as disorders like hormonal imbalances, fatigue and chronic pain have been directly linked to unhealthy eating patterns and a sedentary lifestyle. But, eating healing foods can help prevent and even reverse the progression of many illnesses by strengthening the immune system and restoring the body's natural balance.

To learn more about eating real foods that combat obesity and chronic disease, contact the Metabolic Research Center. We've been helping people regain their health and wellness for more than 25 years.


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