Vegan Food Tools in an Omnivore's Diet

Different Types of Vegan Milk

People who seek out vegetarian, vegan, or other diets for various reasons can get There are lots of examples of this potential resource, and while some of them are strange enough to make them unappealing, there are food tools being used in their kitchens that would work in anyone's kitchen, and leave them healthier for the experience. 

Vegetable noodles are one of these innovations that could be useful in just about everyone's kitchen.  In the peak of the low carbohydrate diet craze, noodles made of strategically sliced vegetables became popular so that people could have their noodle soups and pasta dishes without having wheat and rice flour.  It opened up a realm of possibilities of cooking methods that were not on the plate before that.  This is another textural innovation, and adds another method of getting more vegetables on the plate.  Parsnip noodle lo-mein is an interesting dish to contemplate.   

Other noodle alternatives have come into light as well, as a result of the anti-wheat and anti-carbohydrate movements.  Kelp noodles make an interesting addition to  a repertoire, although they aren't really a noodle replacement, but a simple seaweed preparation that can add a different element to a soup or a salad.  Pastas that are made with other types of grains and vegetable juices make another realm of potential foods.

The use of nut milks as an dairy alternative adds a whole realm of possibilities, both culinary and nutritional, to the table.  Almond and cashew milk are now available in most local supermarkets, ready-made.  Nut milks are used to make ice cream and cheeses, among other things.  Nut milks are easy to make at home.  The pulp from making this oneself can be dehydrated and used as nut flour as well.  Nut flours add a luxurious and delectable nutritional punch to baking and other recipes.




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