Refrigerator Lights Attract You Like a Moth to a Flame?

Man Starring Into Refrigerator

Ever find yourself in front of the refrigerator staring into its depths for something, but don't know what it is? Many people face this same occurrence and for a variety of reasons. When we are bored, we graze. When we are upset, we graze. When we are depressed, we graze. Fact is, we use food as a pick-me-up and often at the wrong times. Did you know.. when your body wants water, it acts like it is hungry although you're really thirsty? Finding yourself starring into your fridge is most often a symptom of something else.

Why the Light from the Fridge Draws-Us-In

Are we really hungry? Most of the time we are not hungry at all. So why are we standing there? Eating food causes a lot of changes — physical and mental — in our body. That is why it is important to eat healthy food. Healthy food promotes healthy changes internally. If we are sad or depressed, then eating certain healthy foods can help correct those feelings. If we are bored, then healthy foods that are more energizing can help offset boredom. As a rule of thumb, drinking more water can eliminate many unnecessary trips to check on the refrigerator light.

Changing How and What You Eat

Understanding how food affects your body, mind, and energy levels are important. At the Metabolic Research Center, you not only learn how healthy food can taste good but also how it helps your body. Here the focus is on health and a byproduct of healthy eating is weight loss. Here too, you find a ton of resources such as menu plans, recipes, support, and encouragement.

Being healthy does not need to be a struggle that you face alone. As you change your approach to eating, the light in the fridge loses its power too. Be free of the light and choose to eat good foods.


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