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Fresh Salmon Filets

Although it is never as good as fresh,  frozen meat and fish does just fine for daily use. Cooking.. simply, seasonally and locally.. just requires paying attention when shopping at your favorite market. Fresh fish requires very little cooking (sometimes none) and means that it is possible to have dinner on the table before you can decide on which restaurant.

Fresh produce often only requires simple preparation and little cooking.. the proof is in the freshness. This is how the best chefs in the best restaurants operate, and if one pays attention to the popular cooking programs, sometimes they will show their grocery shopping (lots of farmer's markets) before they prepare the meal. The better seafood, steak, and chop houses get their meats delivered frequently, if not daily, for a reason. Once you find a good meat market or grocery-store meat counter, you can take full advantage of the specials they offer multiple times each week.

Food flavors, textures, and nutrition are impacted by age. Fresh fish and shellfish should be eaten the day it is purchased. Good fish has a firm texture and very little fishy smell. It can be quickly seared with a little salt and pepper and stand alone just like that, and be absolutely divine. Shellfish such as mussels can be steamed 5 minutes in a little salted water with onion and white wine, and produce a bowl of perfection. It takes longer to get the pot to boil than it does to cook shrimp... 3 minutes!

Fresh, ripe produce steams beautifully, makes salads, salsas, purees of superior crispness and sweetness, and can dazzle the palate with flavor with little or no dressing up. When the food is beautiful plain and undressed, the junk that can be added to cover up something of lower quality is just not necessary, and added sodium and sugars become unappealing. Simple, beautiful meals that are made of what was fresh and beautiful at the grocery can make a lifestyle change not only easier, but marvelous and pleasurable.

To learn more about preparing delicious weight-friendly meals, visit the Recipes section of this website. For a healthy menu plan designed specifically to restore your good health and wellness, call or stop by the Metabolic Research Center for a FREE consultation.


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