Garcinia Cambogia: Take It the Right Way

Fresh Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a natural plant extract. The active ingredient is hydroxycitric acid, or HCA. When it was first introduced, it was thought to be effective in promoting fat loss without having a disruptive effect on the body's central nervous system. Although results from several different weight loss studies were mixed, it has been shown to provide modest benefits when used as a tool in weight loss programs.

NOTE: If you are trying to lose weight, you will need to use more than just garcinia cambogia to achieve positive results. Used on its own, it does offer a few simple benefits, but none that are long lasting or powerful enough to be life changing.

Including garcinia cambogia as a weight loss tool does offer a few helpful benefits. The extract works best and is utilized most efficiently when bound to salt molecules. The combination of salt and garcinia cambogia becomes water soluble and is easier to digest. HCA-SX (the combination of garcinia cambogia and salt), causes several effects within the body. They include an increase in available serotonin, an increase in the oxidation of fats, a reduction in appetite and an improvement in levels of blood lipids.

The use of garcinia cambogia does not affect the nuclear or mitochondrial proteins. It does, however, help to regulate genes that lead to obesity. While garcinia cambogia is naturally bound to calcium in the rind of the fruit, calcium can prevent the body from absorbing and utilizing it within the body. Taking the supplement at the right time and in the right amount may actually improve the efficiency of your weight loss program.


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