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In the United States, we have a health epidemic – obesity. Unfortunately, this problem costs billions of dollars in healthcare costs because of the increased risk of health problems that come with obesity. If you’re interested in losing some weight, make your main goal to reclaim your health.

Product Packaging Problems

Since obesity is such a problem in the country, you’d think the government would increase funding for weight loss studies. However, big food companies spend billions every year to convince consumers that the foods they offer are healthy, low fat, or sugar-free. The problem – despite all those buzzwords, you just can’t trust the name or the information on the package. Sure, the FDA requires companies to provide food labels, but you have to look beyond the packaging to find out if foods are really healthy. Unfortunately, it’s processed foods that sound healthy that continue to fuel the obesity epidemic in the country. 

Why Dieting Isn’t the Answer

Many people turn to dieting to lose those extra pounds, but most people actually gain weight each time they go on a diet. When they lose weight, they lose both fat and muscle. Then, when they regain weight, they gain back fat. Since muscle actually burns far more calories than fat does, dieters end up with a slower metabolism than when they started their diet. This means they need even fewer calories for weight maintenance. Dieting not only has the potential to slow metabolism, it can drain will power, often encourages eliminating specific nutrients, and can even teach you to ignore the natural cues of your body. 

What Really Works for Weight Loss and Improved Wellness

So what really works for weight loss and improved wellness? First, you need to stop starving yourself. Instead of starving yourself the hormones and brain chemistry that actually drive overeating and hunger need to be fixed. Fix these problems and you’ll reduce your appetite automatically. Second, you need to boost your metabolism so your body is burning more calories throughout the day. Dieting generally does the opposite, slowing metabolism and increasing your hunger. 

Losing weight and reclaiming your health doesn’t have to be a struggle. Learn more about the science behind weight loss and better fitness by scheduling your consultation with the Metabolic Research Center today.


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