Are Root Vegetables a Source of Bad Carbs?

Bucket of Various Root Vegetables

In a few word, no they are not full of bad carbs. We hear about good carbs and bad carbs, but the deal is not so much about the carb as it is about the source. What this means is that real foods, like potatoes, yams, and beets are just fine to eat, even if you want to lose weight. The kicker is that you need to eat them as part of a balanced diet and in portions sized to your weight loss goals.

Avoiding Bad Carbs

Bad carbs are created. They include things like bread, batter, cake, sugars, and foods that we manufacture. When you strip bread down into its parts, there are some good elements there. However, when food manufacturers modify starches such as grains to mass produce flour, it makes easy for the body to turn the processed food into sugar. When you eat a root vegetable, what you get is a long-acting carb with all of the vitamins and minerals found naturally in that potato. Bad carbs are short acting, meaning that the energy stored in them is easy to access and burns up quickly.

When you eat bad carbs, your body burns through the energy in them too quickly and then you crave more carbs. Carbs are energy. However, when we eat too many carbs - good or bad - we lose energy because of all of the other ingredients contained in processed foods.

Losing Weight with Good Carbs

Everything in moderation is a good rule by which to live. This is especially true of carbs. At the Metabolic Research Center, we teach people how to live with moderation. We are about eating real food that is good for you. We teach people how to lose stubborn weight without dieting. If you are ready to try a more positive way to lose weight, come check us out online. What you will discover is a host of positives including support and encouragement from people who once had a hard time losing weight too.


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