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Metabolic Research Center Westminster
Metabolic Research Center Westminster
8461 Turnpike Drive, #108
Westminster, CO 80031
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Monday 27th of May 2024

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How It Works

Get started today on compounded GLP-1 injectable medications. When you choose medical programs with MRC, you choose an affordable approach to weight loss that's backed by science, and paired with the support of professional weight loss coaching.

*Now Offering Prescription Medical Weight Loss*

Medical Weight Loss Clinic Westminster

With over ten million pounds lost and counting at MRC, the medical weight loss clinic Westminster offers trusted guidance and support to help you achieve and maintain your goals for healthy living.

Bid farewell to counting calories and forget about uninspired pre-packaged meals. With MRC, you'll find yourself on an effective weight loss path that doesn't just transform how you look but also improves your overall health and wellness. Savor REAL food from your go-to market while naturally rebalancing your body for optimal health.

To tailor a program to your lifestyle and health history, start with our FREE consultation. With our holistic approach and unparalleled one-on-one support, you can lose weight and keep it off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the best keto diet menus?

Check out the Recipes section of this website. Many of the MRC weight-loss recipes are ketogenic-friendly. For the latest keto diet menus, stop by any MRC center for a free consultation. Our staff can personalize a keto menu plan that best suits your needs. We also offer supplementation to jump-start your personalized ketogenic plan.

How long will it take to receive my prescription?

Prescriptions for medical weight loss will either be mailed directly to your house or picked up at your local center. In most cases prescriptions arrive within 1-2 weeks.

I'm not sure if medical weight loss is safe for me. How can I find out?

Schedule a free consultation at an MRC office near you. We'll review your goals, health, dieting history, lifestyle and more. Additionally, all individuals enrolling in medical weight loss programs will receive a health screening with a licensed healthcare practitioner to further determine eligibility to participate in a prescription weight loss program. Click here to find a center near you and schedule a free consultation.

How is Metabolic Research Center any different from all the rest?

At Metabolic Research Center, we have always personalized solutions that support each individual's unique goals. With over thirty years of helping people just like you restore their health and wellness, our consultants have guided many clients on weight loss journeys that followed scientific-based menu plans that are proven to work.

Are your medications on backorder?

At this time our medications are not on back order. We work with out partner pharmacies to ensure the medications for MRC Clients is available. Circumstances beyond our control do occur, but they are rare and will be communicated should they occur.

What happens during my private consultations?

During your private visits, you can discuss any failed weight loss experiences, from what you've tried to what didn't work for you. Moreover, we'll focus on the special circumstances you're facing, like unexpected food cravings. At MRC, we provide the tools, encouragement, and support you need to succeed.

I'm ready to live healthier and feel better about myself; where do I start?

Weight loss is about a lot more than a number on the scales. To reach and maintain your goal weight, you program must be sustainable. Eating a diet filled with real food and having the right support behind you can make a big difference. Visit MRC to find out how quickly you can celebrate your own success story.

How will I administer my weight loss medication?

Semaglutide and Tirzepatide are injected by subcutaneosly either into your stomach or thigh. You will give yourself the injection at home using a small insulin needle.

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