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After years of being unsatisfied with your figure, you recently launched a new, weight loss plan. Your meals are filled with delicious, filling fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and low fat, dairy products. Because you adore your new, eating plan, you can’t help but wonder if you’re doing everything right. If you can relate to this scenario, have you ever thought about when you eat your food? Interestingly, the time of the day when you eat your meals might positively or negatively affect your diet goals.

Mealtime Research Study

A 2013 research study seems to suggest eating more calories early in the day may help you lose weight faster. This study observed the weight loss progress of two groups of women. Both groups of participants consumed 1400 calories every day for 12 weeks. One group of women consumed 700 calories during breakfast, 500 calories during lunch, and only 200 calories during dinner.

The second group of participants expended a mere 200 calories at breakfast, 500 calories at lunch, and a whopping 700 calories at dinner. After the twelve weeks concluded, the women who ate larger breakfasts experienced both bigger decreases in weight and waist circumference than the women who consumed heartier dinners. In addition to these measures, the participants who ate larger breakfasts reduced both their fasting glucose and insulin at higher rates than the women who consumed larger dinners. 

Tweak Your Eating Patterns

Does your daily breakfast consist of a cup of black coffee? If you, like many others, consume more calories at dinner than at any other meal, you might want to tweak your eating patterns. Research suggests eating the majority of your calories before dinner might help you drop those unwanted pounds more quickly. However, you certainly shouldn’t forgo eating dinner altogether. Because your body starts to transform energy stores into fat when you skip meals, you should strive to eat three, healthy meals every day. However, you might want to decline that large piece of strawberry shortcake at dinner.


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