Top 10 Crave-Inducing Treats

Caloric Burn Table

Nothing can torpedo a diet like caving in to a high-calorie craving. But before your give in, make sure you know just what you're getting yourself into and what it will take to climb back out.

That 16-ounce, 500-calorie Frappuccino you downed on your way to work this morning? You'll have to put in 170 minutes of Pilates to undo the caloric damage. And opting for that cheeseburger and fries for lunch will cost you 141 minutes on the elliptical the next time you hit the gym.

To help keep you on a healthy, weight loss-friendly track, bookmark this blog as a handy reminder. The 10 top most craved treats will remind you of the work it'll take to undo the damage they can do to your diet. Need a little extra support? Metabolic Research Center offers one-on-one weight loss counseling. Call 800-501-8090 to find the MRC location nearest you.



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