Need a Weight Loss Plan to Boost Metabolism?


If you notice it is harder to keep your weight off in your 40s than in your 20s, there is a reason for it. By the time you reach this age, your metabolism rate slows down by about 5 percent every ten years. However, you can make small changes in your weight loss plan to help you keep off unwanted pounds.

Problems with Most Diets

Instead of helping you lose weight, most diets cause you to become hungrier and slow your metabolism rate. In fact, it is said that the average person puts on about 11 pounds every time they try a new diet plan. To make matters worse, most diets focus solely on losing weight but not burning fat. Therefore, many people trying to change their eating habits still accumulate fat. Besides, starving your body typically causes you to binge later and nullifies your weight loss efforts.

Practical Metabolism-Burning Advice

Contrary to popular belief, not eating breakfast is one action that could lower your metabolism rates rather than increase it. In fact, women who skip the morning meal could become four and a half times more likely to struggle with obesity. This meal, as well as the rest of the menu items you eat, would boost your metabolism if it contains at least some of these fat-burning, low-calorie foods:

  • Yogurt
  • High-fiber grains such as oats, bran or whole wheat
  • Skim milk
  • 1-3 cups of coffee or green tea per day
  • Organic fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Lean proteins such as nuts, seeds, or low-fat meats
  • Spinach and other dark green, leafy vegetables
  • Hot sauce as a topping

Concerning organic versus non-organic foods, studies have been conducted that suggest that pesticides store pollutants in fat cells. This is one reason organic is recommended. In addition to consuming high-metabolism foods, weight loss experts also recommend drinking water before you eat. You also are advised to take one bite of food at a time and eat slower to allow your stomach to fill.


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