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It takes time to get rid of unwanted weight but the struggle is definitely worth it. You will not only feel better about yourself but also avoid the many health problems associated with being overweight.

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Statistics show that about 66% of adults in the United States are overweight; of these individuals, about half are obese. Even so, it can sometimes feel like you're all on your own as you struggle to come up with a healthy diet plan in order to lose weight. It is always encouraging to know that you are not the only one who struggles with weight loss, which is why we are happy to share your story with others who are still struggling to meet their weight loss goals. If you won the fight to get rid of unwanted pounds and are feeling good about yourself, congratulations! We want to invite you to share your story with someone else, so they can learn from your experiences and be encouraged to know that it is possible to get in shape even if you have been overweight for many years.

Our Staff Takes Pride in Helping Others

At the Metabolic Research Center, we take pride in helping people restore their health and wellness. MRC has been in operation for over a quarter of a century and our staff is made up of people who were once overweight.  They learned to lose weight and stay in shape by eating real foods and relying on knowledgeable support. We offer personalized consultations and weight loss assistance to each person who walks in our door, enabling you to draw up a healthy eating plan that meets your needs and budget. Our staff, along with our many other members, also take pride in providing ongoing encouragement and assistance to help you not only lose weight but keep it off permanently.


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I am so happy I made MRC in Panama City, Fl. part of my life in 2012. My life changed for the better, with the weight loss I achieved such health benefits and knowledge to continue and maintain my success. As a bonus I now love shopping. The representatives here are so wonderful and helpful. I love them all. In total I lost 50lbs.

— Christine Baldwin

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