Can Infused Water Help You Lose Weight?

Glass of Lime Detox Water

Losing excess weight isn't a walk in the park for most people. Sometimes it's the simple strategies that help the most. One of those strategies is to drink enough water.

Your body will do a pretty good job of removing excess toxins and waste products, but a lot of the impurities ride out of the body on fluids (urine and stools). Making sure you have enough water in your daily diet is important to help keep your elimination systems humming. Drinking infused water is one way to take in enough water.

Sometimes called detox water — although it doesn't really perform that function — infused water is simply water to which chopped fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices have been added. Unlike a tea, which uses boiling water, infused waters are kept cold. Just add your favorite combinations, let the jar sit for a few hours and then drink.

Infused waters are inexpensive and easy to make. They are low in calories but often full of flavor. Sipping on these refreshing drinks keeps your taste buds stimulated without adding the empty calories of a sugary soft drink or the chemicals in a diet soft drink. You'll also stay ahead of your thirst, which can make it easier to resist the siren snack call — sometimes what we think is hunger is really thirst.

Try mixing a few slices of cherries or peaches into a mason jar of water. How about apple slices and a bit of cinnamon? If veggies are more your style, you could mix chopped celery and a sage leaf, or skip the sage and added some sliced tomato. What about a little watermelon and kiwi? Mix up a pitcher of infused water and keep it in the refrigerator so it will always be handy.


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