Wisely Using Cheese in Salad

Mexican Tacos

Cheese is not exactly an unhealthy food, and certainly not one that most of us want to give up on a permanent basis.  However, there are strategies to having a little cheese in one's diet without overloading it with fat and calories.  Cheese in salads is a very dangerous ingredient, as it can get piled on, and because salads are healthy, most people ignore the 800 calories worth of cheese on top.  Becoming aware of the mindless eating of cheese in large quantities that can sneak into the modern American diet can help people who are seeking a positive and healthy lifestyle change to be more successful in both their weight loss goals and their health in general.

Choose food wisely.  This includes cheese.  Real cheese has historically been an indulgence, a luxury item.  It is rarely eaten as an entree, and even in those cases, is more of a festival or special occasion food.  Fondue is a great example of this.  Cheese in the modern diet sneaks up on people in their tacos and nachos, their cheeseburgers, and their salads. 

Tacos that are made in the actual Mexican way don't have a gallon of cheese-from-a-can poured on top.  If they have cheese on them at all, they are sprinkled with a bit of lightly salty and tangy cheese.  This adds a salty counterpoint to the onion and the caramelized meats that are a part of a traditional taco.  That salty, tangy, creamy, pungent flavor addition is a much better choice than the 440 calorie/cup flavorless sludge that is served on top of most Tex-Mex. 

Some of the sharper cheeses take some getting used to.  Sharp cheddar and blue cheese are acquired tastes, but both of them are very popular.  Many people eat a great deal of a mild cheese as a rule, and haven't explored those more pungent options.  Adding a little of a sharper or stronger cheese can have more of a flavor impact than a large quantity of American or mild cheddar.  Using a sharper cheese is another strategy for keeping cheese quantities under control.


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