Don't Let Subtle Behaviors Slow You Down

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Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher who lived 2600 years ago, wrote, "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." The wisdom in this saying lies in the fact that act of simply starting a journey can be the most difficult step to take. Whether it is training for a marathon or losing a few pounds, the beginning is as important as the journey.

Subtle Behaviors Can Slow You Down... or Speed You Up!

Every day we live represents a significant step towards our goals. As such, small behaviors we deem inconsequential in the moment can add up and gather steam over time. Consider these daily habits:

  • Stopping by your favorite coffee place each morning for a latte with your favorite sugary syrup.
  • Combating your mid-afternoon energy slump with a treat from the vending machine.
  • Relaxing on the couch after dinner each evening with a snack to get you through the evening programs.

If you multiply these by 365 days, where do you end up a year from now? Consider making even one of these subtle changes:

  • Drinking a green smoothie each morning to increase your intake of healthy fruits and vegetables.
  • Hopping on the exercise bike or treadmill for 10 minutes when you get home from work most evenings.
  • Taking a 10-minute walk around the neighborhood right after dinner; you didn't want to do the dishes anyway!
  • Packing an extra piece of fruit in your work lunch each day to enjoy in the afternoon.

Now multiply these behaviors by 365 days. Think again where you are a year from now. Which of these subtle acts is really sabotaging your goals? Which are supporting them? Even though the journey may be 1,000 miles long, each small step really does matter.



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