Coping with Stress for Better Health

Yoga on the Beach

Long-term lifestyle change involves strategies that include much more than just a diet.  Diet alone has been proven repeatedly to not be an effective way to restore good health and wellness that can last forever.  Lifestyle changes are a method of building new habits and learning proven coping mechanisms for the mind and body in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  This is not easy in an age of digital distraction and instant gratification, as these changes take time to both make.. and to make a habit. 

Stress is a very effective diet killer.  The best one can do in a stress-filled world is to manage each situation, as there is stress (by necessity) in nearly everyone's life.  Exercise is one of the best stress reducers known to man.  It works to chemically counteract the effects of the hormonal and chemical cascades that are essentially your front-line stress responders.  It does so quickly, and is a normal and natural way to manage any stressful state.  Even a small amount of a rhythmic movement such as walking, running, or swimming can effectively counteract a stressed-out state of mind; and body movements that are designed to reduce stress, such as those in yoga and various martial arts, can do so in a remarkably short amount of time. 

Combining a simple form of exercise such as walking with a mental exercise that is designed to decompress the mind and the emotions, such as basic meditations or just a careful observation of nature as the walk happens, can have a huge impact.  Exercise can diffuse anger, can clear the mind, can sharpen the analytical machine. 

Using exercise in this way is a perfect drug, a perfect medicine for stress.  It can protect the body and mind in so many ways that it is the obvious choice for meeting your long-term weight loss goals. To get started on your journey, contact the Metabolic Research Center nearest you for a FREE consultation. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. And we believe it should be fun and fulfilling every step of the way.


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