How Can Yoga Help with Weight Loss?

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A common question is often asked about how yoga can be so effective when it comes to weight loss. Many people think of yoga only as an exercise that improves flexibility through stretching. To the contrary, it is much more than that. The benefits it offers in terms of breathing and oxygen intake are substantial and well proven. 

Tones Muscles

People often avoid strenuous exercise because of the aches and stiffness they often feel after sitting at a desk for long hours every day. Incorporating a few yoga poses into their daily activities would actually help to tone their muscles preventing the stiffness they fee from sitting for long periods. Stretching also improves the muscles ability to function more efficiently, burning more calories and helping to dissipate unwanted fat tissue that has made its way into the muscle.


Improves Circulation

Yoga and the breathing exercises that accompany the stretches improve circulation. By using proper breathing techniques, more oxygen is brought into the body. Because oxygen acts as a catalyst when it comes to the burning of calories, the improved circulation often results in the burning of additional calories both during the yoga exercise as well as for many hours after. As the blood continually provides the cells and tissues of the body with fresh oxygen and vital nutrients, it also carries away the byproducts created from exercise and the toxins the body accumulates through the foods that are consumed and airborne contaminants.

Improves Flexibility

Yoga is well known for its ability to improve flexibility. As a person becomes more flexible, they are more likely to become more active, even if it is just taking a walk or moving more around the house or yard. It is the little things that yoga offers like the ability to move freely without pain and discomfort that makes it beneficial for weight loss and improving your overall health.


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