The Hardest Part Is Getting Started

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It doesn't have to be a New Year to make a commitment to improving your health and wellness. In fact, making a positive lifestyle change is much bigger than celebrating the beginning of a new year. Unfortunately, sometimes the hardest part of implementing a lifestyle change is just getting started. Here are some tips to make the road ahead a little less bumpy:

Invest In Your Future - If you join a gym, sign up for a yoga class or make a commitment to a bona fide weight loss program, you can use money as a motivator. Add some new workout clothes and get started.

Set Your Own Pace - A weight loss plan that does not allow you to go at your pace is much more likely to fail. Starting slow and steadily increasing your efforts will cause fewer setbacks. This way helps to eliminate excuses.

Find a Friend - A workout partner that knows how to push your buttons and hold you accountable. This may or may not be a good friend, but chances are they will become a key player on road to success.

Create a Reward System - Get creative and do not make food a reward. Consider a fun day shopping at your favorite mall. Walking is good exercise, so shop the stores from one end to the other before you buy. A spa day is another rewarding experience and one that can be shared with your partner in crime.

Routines tailored to your own personal needs and weight loss goals provide the best results. Although it can be difficult in getting started, once you get your brain in game for a new lifestyle change, it is something worthy of a celebration all its own. So, celebrate your New Year regardless of the season.


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