Fad Diets Are Not Funny -- But Penn Jillette Is!

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Fad diets can be anything but fun. They can be extremely scary when it comes to the restrictions and possible risks they expose you too. For someone who has made a career at making things funny, Penn Jillette dropped over a hundred pounds in less than three months using a "fad" diet. He did so under the watchful eye of his physician, however, which makes the risk a little less scary. The diet Jillette used was simply referred to as "the potato diet". While Jillette skirts the issue and won't discuss exactly what the diet entails, the formula for success is there if the proper steps are taken.

Jillette, who had been overweight for years, chose to lose the weight in an attempt to regain his failing health. For the few two weeks of the diet, he only consumed potatoes. Once the initial phase was finished, he could then add other foods. His doctor ordered him to eat fruits and vegetables, as well as protein rich foods. The success Jillette experienced with the diet is unique. Not everyone will lose weight and be able to keep it off for long periods. The bad thing about a non-medically supervised "fad diet" is the person loses weight very quickly, but they do not establish the healthy lifestyle patterns that allow them to keep the weight off.

While Jillette was successful in his endeavor, it may be beneficial for others who want to lose weight to use a different method. If trying a fad diets allows you to lose the weight you want, you need to find a way to establish the healthy lifestyle habits that will help you maintain your goal weight. If not, the result won't be funny. It may result in serious health issues. To learn more about losing weight fast while restoring your good health, contact the pros at Metabolic Research Center. We know what works... and what doesn't.


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