Eat Less with These Four Mind Tricks

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Need a little help with portion control? Weight loss specialists at Metabolic Research Center offer four great tips for literally tricking your brain and body into feeling more satisfied with less food.

  1. Use small bowls and plates: Multiple studies have shown that an optical illusion called the Delboeuf illusion can make it appear that the same amount of food is actually a much larger portion when served in small dishes than it appears when served in larger dishes. This can help you feel fuller on smaller portions.
  2. Use tablecloths and dishes of the same color: One study revealed that when the tablecloth color matched dishware color, participants dished themselves less food. Researchers credit this tactic with essentially eliminating the Delboeuf illusion.
  3. Cut food into smaller pieces: In an Arizona State University researchers served two groups of participants bagels, either whole or cut into four pieces. Those served the uncut bagels ate more of their bagels, plus more at lunch served later in the day than did the group of students served cut  bagels.
  4. Don't eat while distracted: Results of a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutritionback up the suspicion that we eat more when we're distracted. Specifically, researchers found that participants who ate while playing solitaire consumed twice as many snacks, yet reported feeling less full than participants who were not distracted while eating. In today's tech-savvy world, its computers, tablets, smartphones and TVs that lend to distracted eating.

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