Iron Vitamin Deficiency Can Lead to Fatigue

Iron Element

Vitamin Deficiencies are not just something that happens in the third world.  Many nutrients are necessary for good health, and it is possible to get them from a balanced diet.  Most modern diets are not balanced or particularly healthy, and often lacks in one or more of these necessary nutrients.  The seven most common vitamin deficiencies are iron, iodine, vitamin D, calcium,  B12, vitamin A, and magnesium. 

Iron is an important part of the blood.  It is used by the red blood cells to bind oxygen in the lungs and carry it to the different parts of the body.  This is obviously a vital function, and the body needs a substantial amount of iron to maintain this.  It is found in both animal and plant food-based foods in different forms.  Animal based, or heme iron, is easier to absorb than plant-based iron.  Twenty-five percent of the world has experienced iron deficiency, making this very common.  This number is higher in preschool-aged children, vegetarians, and menstruating women.  Iron deficiency most often shows itself as the fatigue and weakness of anemia.

Iron is easiest to come by in red and organ meats, shellfish, and canned sardines.  Good vegetable sources of iron include beans like pintos, seeds such as pumpkin and squash, and broccoli, kale, and spinach. Vitamin C can help the body absorb iron, so eating vitamin C rich foods alongside iron sources can help.

Too much iron is harmful, so using vitamin supplements should be done with great care when the deficiency is certain.  In addition, iron supplements are difficult for the digestive tract to handle, and can cause nausea and constipation if not taken with care.  A well balanced diet is a much preferable method to maintain iron levels.  Adding probiotics and fiber to the diet along with the iron supplements is a good idea. 



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