Impulse Eating -- Is that Your DNA Working?

Impulse Eating of Chocolate Bar

Back in the day, a few thousand years ago, our diets were a bit different. While there is a lot of argument over what exactly the Paleo Diet was, one thing is for certain it did not include potato chips, mashed potatoes, candy, or any of the numerous things that we cling to when we are upset or stressed. In fact, back then food was not so easily found so rest assured that our ancient ancestors did not have comfort food in the sense that we have it today.

Fight to defend yourself or flight to escape danger, those were the options. Still, the key to those types of situations is stress. Our body reacts to stress by expecting that we are going to have to flee to safety or fight to defend ourselves. The problem is that in today's culture, stress may not involve a fight or flight situation.

Back then they did not have deadlines, promotions, college midterms or many of the other things that totally stress out us modern humanoids. So there we sit with the bag of chips, happily stuffing our face and priming our body for a massive energy dump that we never need. The result is simply weight gain. Even if we had to outrun a mammoth we'd be in sorry shape because we don't run at all.

So the next time you feel the urge to drown your sorrows in a bag of fat, salt, and sugar, just remember that this urge is the result of stress. Simply put down the bag of chips and head outdoors where there are no mammoths and where very rarely is anyone carried off by a lion.

If you'd like more help in finding the healthy you, just head over to the Metabolic Research Center and dive into their knowledge base. There you will find outstanding resources that help you deal with stress, weight loss, and other lifestyle challenges. You will also find a supportive community and a ton of healthy food literature that helps you find good food that increases your health and may even help you drop some poundage.


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