Your Best Friend May Want to Join You

Woman with Her Exercise Mat and Dog

They say there is no "I" in "team" and when it comes to exercising, teamwork works better. There are a number of ways to build a successful team that helps you find the support you need to exercise regularly, lose weight, and gain health.

Hit up family and friends to help you form an exercise routine. You may find that at first everyone is willing to help and then after a few weeks, they have conflicts, or are out of town, sick, or just not available. That is pretty normal. However, there is one member of your family that will always be there for you. You might be thinking that member is your spouse? Maybe, but we mean your dog. Dogs are born companions and they love to go for walks, runs, swims, and a variety of other types of exercise that benefits your weight loss and healthy lifestyle choices.

For those reasons, your dog is the first "person" you should add to your team. You always have a reason to take the dog for a walk or a run. Make this a weight loss team and together focus on making positive changes that help you both succeed in gaining health. Start with what you buy at the grocery store. Add healthy food to your cart for both you and your best friend. Caring about their health inspires you to care about your own.

Weight loss is not just about exercise, though exercise certainly plays a part in how fast weight loss occurs. The real key to weight loss is food intake. Calories are king when it comes to losing fat, but exercise rules when it comes to gaining muscle. That is why your dog is important. Simply walking your dog helps you burn calories, build muscle and gain health. Plus, it is highly enjoyable and you get to spend quality time outside.

If you would like to learn more about the power of food and exercise, visit the Metabolic Research Center where you can discover how good eating healthy tastes. You also will find a ton of positive support that helps you stay motivated to lose weight and gain health. One of the biggest treats that the Metabolic Research Center offers is a library full of delicious, healthy foods that make losing weight satisfying.


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