Should I Opt for Diet Pills or Weight Loss Surgery?

Obesity Warning

Ultimately, this question needs to be answered after a discussion with your doctor. There are many personal health and wellness variables that may need to be considered. However, if you are like millions of Americans, you may be better off with a little weight loss education, support and encouragement.

Weight gain and obesity are problems with approximately 35 percent of adults and 17 percent of teenagers and adolescents in our country, according to National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Many people turn to diet pills or Bariatric surgery to find a solution. Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages:

  • Diet Pills - Sometimes diet pills promote an initial water loss, which may make the person feel as if he or she is losing weight quickly. However, diet pills can have adverse effects such as dehydration, addiction, constipation, mood swings and more. The severity of the side effects depends on the type of diet pill the person uses.
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery - Surgery that makes the stomach smaller can cause a drastic weight loss. However, the surgery carries risks that may not be worth taking if the need is truly elective. Some adverse effects that may come from gastric bypass surgery are stomach perforation, gallstones, hernias, bowel obstructions, leaks in the gastrointestinal system and infection. Additionally, gastric bypass patients who were extremely obese before surgery tend to have difficulty with loose skin related to rapid weight loss.

An obese or overweight person should discuss both options thoroughly with a medical professional. Additionally, the person can consider a third option, which is adapting one's diet through an individualized weight loss plan.

Can Eating Healing Foods Really Help?

The Metabolic Research Center offers a special program that focuses on optimizing the body's processes through dietary changes. The program does not deprive any person of eating tasty foods, and it does not focus on calorie counting. Instead, a specialist recommends an assortment of real foods based upon professional studies, the person's history, and the individual's weight loss goals. The initial 17-week program consists of a wide variety of menu plans. Additionally, MRC offers a line of nutritional supplements that help to build the person's metabolism and reduce between-meal cravings.

The best aspect of the MRC program is that it uses weight loss specialists to develop customized menu plans for each member. So regardless of your decision, anyone searching for a permanent weight loss solution should consider a personalized MRC program. There's no better time than right now to start eating the foods that can change your life.


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