New Ammunition in the Fight for Weight Loss

Illustration of Gut Bacteria

Weight loss regimes have gotten new ammunition in the fight against studies have revealed, and are continuing to reveal, a great deal of information regarding flora and fauna of the human digestive tract and the impact of these organisms on the absorption of nutrients and metabolism in general.  Could it be that heavier people are walking around with a different cocktail of microorganisms in their intestinal tracts, keeping them heavy?  Could it be there's a skinny people bacteria profile?  Studies are increasingly showing that's a good possibility.

What does that mean for the average dieter?  For starters, it explains the gastrointestinal discomfort in its various forms that is common with a big change in diet.  It also means that this is a changeable state.  Going from overweight gut bugs to skinny gut bugs is a matter of changing the proportions of naturally occurring bacteria, not about starting over.  So the potential epiphany is that if a dieter can hang in there with the new diet, these various bugs will eventually shift to the other profile, which will mean that GI distress settles itself down as the bacteria that like to process those fresh vegetables and whole grains increase in numbers, and the bacteria that are happiest with burgers and fries decline.

Probiotics are not an instant answer for this problem, but their acid loving action should help to encourage the process and ease the bloaty side effects of the changing-diet process.  Probiotics such as yogurt and kefir do not appear to stick around over the long haul, but seem to do their best work when consumed regularly.

Persistently sticking to the changes in diet that allow for long term health and weight loss, despite the short term discomfort, bad habits, and various cravings, is not the easiest task in the world, but your gut, gut bacteria, and metabolism in general will thank you.


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