Where Is Your Brain At?

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Lifestyle changes are a psychological game, but there is such thing as being too self-focused in the process.  Yes, it is important to pay attention to bad habits and acquiring good habits, but too much self-focus is not one of those habits one wants to acquire.  Lifestyle changes are all about getting in the right frame of mind.  Boredom doesn't work for the process, either.  It tends to give people the opportunity to mindlessly snack, particularly in front of the television or computer.   

Making sure that your mind is occupied with something helps mentally and physically.  And.. the activity could be anything from community activism, local politics, yoga, or painting, so the sky is the limit.  This mental shift helps to energize and will help you avoid a down day or distract your attention away from a day where the diet was just too difficult to manage.  When the diet is no longer everything, when there is a lift in your life outside of your weight loss plan, the little things stay just that.. LITTLE.  Since your life is busy enough, you should eat dinner at the table, with no distractions other than the meal at hand.  It keeps the focus on what should be happening, for the short time you are eating.

Managing your patience is absolutely necessary for the entire process.  Just as there is no magic diet or diet pill, one must be patient with the process, forgive oneself for mistakes and hiccups, and always carry on.  The process gets easier over time and with practice, as it is a skill.  Research has shown that people who were able to lose 30 pounds or more and keep it off for at least 2 years, were able to maintain that weight loss more successfully over time. 

Sustained experience of success makes lifestyle changes easier because of the positive outcomes, such as improved body chemistry, better health, better mood, and improved confidence. If you're ready to Get Started, contact the Metabolic Research Center today. We've been in your shoes and know a lot about restoring health and wellness.


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