Veggie Noodles: Tools for Good Health

Spiralized Veggie Noodle Salad

Noodles made from julienned or spiralized vegetables are a great tool for healthy lifestyles.  Carbohydrates from pasta are one of the tougher carbohydrate patterns to break or reduce in the long term.  Vegetable pasta can work starting from the beginning of a no-carb diet designed for dramatic weight loss and do its magic for the long term, helping to keep the weight off and boosting nutrients and fiber in the diet.

The trick to vegetable noodles is the same as it is for vegetables, and noodles for that matter.  Overcooking vegetables is bad.  It cuts its nutritional value and makes them have an unpalatable mouth feel.  It also ruins their fresh flavors. 

There are a number of ways to get the vegetable noodle textures.  Good knife skills can render some beautifully julienned vegetables.  An ordinary vegetable peeler can render some pretty spectacular noodles, and is great for making veggie noodle lasagne.  But for long spaghetti-like noodles, it is easiest to purchase a spiralizer.

There are a number of spiralizers on the market, ranging from a simple one with one attachment, to more sophisticated models that give a variety of noodle textures.  None of them are difficult to use, and most of them are under $30.

Creativity is the only thing that limits how these tools can be used.  They can be used on both fruits and vegetables, rendering beautiful and healthy fruit and vegetable salads and coleslaw.  They can be used to prepare raw foods, and fresh ones.  The noodles can be used in hot soups, or to top cold soups.  They can be used as foundations for dishes, or garnishes.

These tools are a great tool for different dietary types, making macrobiotics, vegetarianism, gluten-free, and vegan diets easier and more varied.  But for an everyday omnivore who is looking to improve their nutrition, it is just good cooking.


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